Today we launched our website in a personal way. We delivered a Valentine’s package to a selection of friends, collaborators and (potential) clients. Each box contained a beautiful red rose and a suggestive note. The boxes were delivered by guys in tuxedos wearing special-care white gloves. So far the feedback has been very positive. And we were informed that interesting situations arose, because of the Valentine’s connotation…

We really would like to thank Iksi for developing this website. Again it has been a pleasure to work with you! Cathalijne Gietman has been a great help with copywriting. Boris Nihom & Bas de Boer, we highly appreciate your feedback during the start-up. And thanks to the people who supported us with the Valentine’s Launch: Alexander Brussee / Brussee Bloemen Import, Sermed & Anniek / Van Dijk Art, Erik / Bringo, Lars Onel, Denzel von Deira and Joost van Haaften.

Today an article about the Paradiso Phone Expo is published in Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant. Read it here (PDF 2,3MB).

Today an article about the Paradiso Phone Expo is published in Dutch newspaper Het Parool. Read it here (PDF 1,8MB).

The Phone Expo is organized by cultural institute and concert venue Paradiso, Amsterdam. It is an art ‘exhibition’ that can solely be received on mobile phones. Amongst 3 other artists we were asked to contribute to the first edition of this initiative. We created ‘I was there’. Today we will start this project.

Project details

Together with Daan Nieuwenhuijs we made seven videos for Kinki Kappers for their internal and educational initiative Kinki Academy. This is a compilation of those.

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Director / camera: Daan Nieuwenhuijs
Co-director / concept: Incl.
Editor: Erik Verhulst
Gaffer: Nicholas Burrough
Second camera: Sven Kommers, Nicholas Burrough
Focus-puller: Kira Falticeanu, Sven Kommers
Electrician: Wilko van Oosterhout
Model: Angela van Wijngaarden, Georgette Nieuwenhuizen,
Maureen Zomerdijk, Axel van der Lugt
Hairdresser: Peter Paul Wilson, Irene Vrij
Styling: Iris van Wijhe
Make-up: Haidy Melief
Kinki crew: Robbie ter Haak & Corina Alkemade

Today we’ll start a series of workshops at Mediacollege Amsterdam (MA). The institute prepares students for a career in media, ranging from print and photography to video and online. Characteristic for MA is its practical way of teaching; students gain competences by doing real-life projects. For this project the college cooperates with Young Designers & Industry (YD+I).

Students are assigned to create a store concept for the Pal West Amsterdam initiative and its clothes. Incl. is asked as guest lecturer, inspirator and sound board during the process. In workshops we will share our knowledge about, experience in and vision on retail - both online and offline – with the students. We will also be actively involved, together with YD+I and the team of MA teachers, in evaluating the process and results in 5 weeks from now.

We proudly announce the launch of Found by James: a weblog and webshop combined, aimed at afficionados of art, design and innovation. The online gallery distinguishes itself by a refreshing concept-without-a-concept, an infallible instinct for quality of art and design and an optimal integration of social media.

Found by James press release (3,7MB)
Project details