Valentine's launch

February 14th 2011

Today we launched our website in a personal way. We delivered a Valentine’s package to a selection of friends, collaborators and (potential) clients. Each box contained a beautiful red rose and a suggestive note. The boxes were delivered by guys in tuxedos wearing special-care white gloves. So far the feedback has been very positive. And we were informed that interesting situations arose, because of the Valentine’s connotation…

We really would like to thank Iksi for developing this website. Again it has been a pleasure to work with you! Cathalijne Gietman has been a great help with copywriting. Boris Nihom & Bas de Boer, we highly appreciate your feedback during the start-up. And thanks to the people who supported us with the Valentine’s Launch: Alexander Brussee / Brussee Bloemen Import, Sermed & Anniek / Van Dijk Art, Erik / Bringo, Lars Onel, Denzel von Deira and Joost van Haaften.