Gauke Groep

Visual identity


Fashion agency Gauke Groep is run by Gauke Tanja. This adventurous entrepreneur collects unique brands from all over the world. Gauke’s attitude is a playful and open one and he would like his corporate identity to express that. We therefore gave him a visual identity that fits.

Our design was based on the image of passport stamps. Every time your passport is ‘filled’ at the airports customs office, your passport gains more and more content. This idea was used resulting in a product of 20 designed stamps and a lot of empty, quality paper to be used as business cards, envelopes and such.

With the stamps Gauke and his staff are able to design their own corporate identity in a spontaneous way. They can choose content and colours and make their own compositions. That means the visualization of Gauke’s flexibility doesn’t stop at those 20 stamps. It grows with the expansion and movement of the Gauke Groep, just as the company chooses to express it.

Every letter the group sends, every business card they give out, all corporate representation is now visually customized.