One Window #1


Earlier this year art and design platform New Window initiated ‘One Window #1’, a project for which three different artists were invited to develop new works, all starting with the same tool: one screen printing frame, measuring 140×100cm. The participants: Rogier Arents, Kok Pistolet and Aliki van der Kruijs

“In a time where the majority rather chooses for the easy and cheap digital way of working, silk screen workshops are struggling to stay afloat. The One Window #1 project is meant to show the richness and diversity of the silk screen technique by giving three completely different artists a free hand in exploring this beautiful trade. By giving them one restriction – the use of only one silk screen – the participants are challenged to develop a new outlook on this traditional technique, resulting in new possibilities for its application.” – Woes van Haaften


New Window, an initiative by Woes van Haaften, is a platform that gives an insight into the making process of art and design. We commission series of artistic objects and share the story of the realization of objects with the audience.